The Villa

The Villa

Cape Ftelia

The luxurious villa, Cape Ftelia, is located in the town of Ftelia approximately 15 minutes by car from Mykonos town and the international airport. 

Embodying the minimalist feel of Mykonian architecture and design, Cape Ftelia has a modern open concept floorplan.  The property has two separate living spaces. The main house has 3 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 of which are ensuite. The state of the art kitchen is located in the heart of the residence opening up to the living room with northern and southern views of the pool and Mediterranean Sea. 

The garage connects with the main house with an internal staircase, while on the lower level, the laundryroom is located and soon the gym.

The pools side cabana is a 40 sq meter suite perfect for guests that want some extra privacy. It includes a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and all of the premium amenities.

The design of Cape Ftelia has been heavily influenced by ancient Mykonian architectural philosophies that were used by villagers centuries ago to maximize the beauty of the natural surroundings while also protecting the structure and inhabitants from the elements.  For instance, homes were built facing south to take advantage of the beautiful views and more exposure to the Aegean sunlight, while being protected from the fierce Northern winds.

The heart of this luxury home beats in the center courtyard where the pool is perfectly nestled amongst all of the living spaces and where the guests can take in the views of Ftelia beach in serenity, protected by the winds.

Special Features

Every detail of Cape Ftelia has been designed to enhance your stay with us. This includes our pool. When designing this magnificent pool, we carefully selected materials that are not just beautiful, but also provide special benefits. The material we used for our pool is called “Green Sukabumi Stone”. Green Sukabumi is the ideal high end material for a swimming pool. Along with the elegant look, Green Sukabumi has the following beneficial attributes.

Green Sukabumi is an amazing water purifier. It contains Zeolites which are microporous minerals. The pores of the material filter out toxins such as ammoniums, heavy metals, and odors. Because of this, less chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean.
Another special quality of Green Sukambi stone is that it is an anti-slip material making it much safer when enjoying the pool. Another quality of Green Sukabumi is that it is thermally stable. This quality helps keep the water temperature stable thus making it more comfortable.

The guests, can relax outdoors, protected from the wind and enjoy the excellent view of Ftelia beach.

We hope you enjoy what we believe is the best pool in Mykonos.

Happy Splashing!

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