Our History

Our History

The landscape of Ftelia is distinguished by two natural rock formations that spill into the Aegean Sea.  Within these rock formations, there are prehistoric homes and places of worship from Neolithic Settlements dating back to 4,500 BC that give the area a special historical energy.


The design of Cape Ftelia has been heavily influenced by ancient Mykonian architectural philosophies that were used by villagers centuries ago to maximize the beauty of the natural surroundings while also protecting the structure and inhabitants from the elements.  For instance, homes were built facing south to take advantage of the beautiful views and more exposure to the Aegean sunlight, while being protected from the fierce Northern winds.

The heart of this luxury home beats in the center courtyard where the pool is perfectly nestled amongst all of the living spaces and where the guests can take in the views of Ftelia beach in serenity, protected by the winds.

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